Friday, April 17, 2009

Baja Biz Networking

baja-business dot com - a platform for business oriented reports and information focused on the Southern Baja California peninsula. Baja Business is edited in La Paz and published via servers in European data centers. Please get in touch with us If you have any contributions.

Baja California is a very popular holiday destination for North Americans living on the West Coast. Although most tourists concentrate in the areas around Ensenada (just past the border, south of Tijuana), and in the Los Cabos region, at the very Southern end of the peninsula. Here you can find modern tourist facilities which — according to Baja California official visitor’s guide — "have been designed to conform to the environment". Most of these facilities however, resulted in creating massive tourist resorts which eventually marred the natural environment, and these areas have been attracting even more investors with tourist development plans which lack strategic long-term thinking and environmental policies. However, the Baja peninsula offers significant eco-tourism attractions: the region’s clear and tranquil waters, its lagoons and wetlands, marine reserves and desert landscape framed by the Sea of Cortez (defined as "The World’s Aquarium" by Jacques Cousteau) are only some of its marvelous natural beauties. Of course this tourism attracts business from many different kinds of foreign and Mexican investors.

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